Negotiated Divorce

It is our belief that, in the interest of the client, an ethical family attorney will attempt to settle all possible issues out of court.
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Mediated Divorce

Mediation can be a cost-effective way to divorce, but if you are not careful you can make legal mistakes that are impossible to undo.
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Collaborative Divorce

We are certified Collaborative Divorce specialists able to offer you a new, successful method for avoiding costly litigation.
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Litigated Divorce

Litigating your divorce in court should always be the last option. But when it’s necessary, choose attorneys with decades of experience.
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Everyone in need of legal representation hopes that they can find a law firm that will faithfully and truthfully represent and promote their clients’ goals. The problem is that law firms – whether large or small – are businesses – and every business has its own set of priorities which are normally designed for the benefit of that business.

At Breiter and Gura, our primary goals, as well as our methods of achieving them, are driven by the legal and emotional needs of our clients, and not by the billing clock. We focus on getting our clients through their legal matters as financially and emotionally intact as possible, while making certain that our clients are fully informed regarding both the legal issues in their matter, and the possible outcomes of their cases.

The firm’s attorneys possess the necessary skills and experience – in both negotiating and litigating – to insure that our clients’ legal needs are expertly pursued, while our entire staff is devoted to utilizing the specific techniques the firm has developed to guide clients through the all-too-real personal trauma that that often accompanies litigation in divorce and family law matters.

The firm’s founder, Jeanne C. Breiter, and her partner, Rona L. Gura, have used their combined 45 years of experience to design this holistic approach. These articles offer you a preview of our approach to the four different methods for getting divorced. We know that the choice of attorney is a very personal matter, and we hope that this material will prompt you to schedule a free consultation in order to see if our team can assist you.