Divorce is supposed to stop the fighting ... not worsen it.

A different approach

At Breiter and Gura, we have specialized techniques to help you calmly negotiate your future and the practical litigation skills to protect your legal rights when all else fails.

Negotiated Divorce

It is our belief that, in the interest of the client, an ethical family attorney will attempt to settle all possible issues out of court.
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Mediated Divorce

Mediation can be a cost-effective way to divorce, but if you are not careful you can make legal mistakes that are impossible to undo.
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Collaborative Divorce

We are certified Collaborative Divorce specialists able to offer you a new, successful method for avoiding costly litigation.
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Litigated Divorce

Litigating your divorce in court should always be the last option. But when it’s necessary, choose attorneys with decades of experience.
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Our services
Child protective services proceedings

Few things are as nerve-wracking as the initiation of an investigation by Child Protective Services — an action which can put your parental rights over your children at extreme risk. Our lawyers can defend your custodial role and help you avoid unwanted changes in your parental rights.

Domestic disputes and orders of protection

Sometimes you need the court’s assistance in getting protection from violence, and sometimes you need to protect your rights when an Order of Protection is issued against you. Either way, you need a skilled family law attorney to help you navigate the courts.

Proving or disproving paternity

The legal issues regarding proving, asserting, or assigning paternity are complex, especially in New York State. Our family law attorneys have represented clients on all sides of this complicated issue and have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests through challenging litigation.

Visitation for parents and grandparents

Whether you are seeking visitation or attempting to prevent it for legitimate reasons, a skilled family law attorney is needed to correctly and persuasively present your case. At Breiter and Gura, we can help parents reach a resolution while avoiding drawing their children into conflict.

Child and spousal support

Analyzing the elements of support, negotiating interim support, or seeking court-ordered support, especially when the amount in question is significant, is a job best left to a family law attorney experienced in these procedures.

Child custody

Few family matters create as much anxiety as those associated with custody. Our attorneys can realistically assess your legal position and advise you on the most prudent way to proceed. Our focus is always focused on the children’s quality of life, and the parents’ positive participation in those lives.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Just a little time spent with our expert family law attorneys can help protect you from protracted litigation over pre-marriage assets and other matters by helping to structure an agreement between the parties before there is an argument.

Enforcing your divorce agreement

Even after agreements are made and orders are issued, there are often problems getting them followed. A skilled family attorney can not only get your problem solved, but can, in many cases, get your ex to pay for it.

Divorce and separation

Whether you decide to reach your goals through negotiation, litigation, mediation, or collaboration, completing a divorce action requires a skilled divorce lawyer to properly identify your legal challenges and to guide you toward their solutions.

Jeanne C. Breiter

After carefully re-examining every step of the legal process that clients experience in litigation, Jeanne developed a new, holistic system to address the client’s legal and emotional needs from the first phone contact with the firm to the finalization of their legal matter.

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Rona Gura

As a matrimonial attorney who has been through the process personally, Rona brings a uniquely empathetic ear to her clients’ concerns. She has the ability to appreciate the emotional experiences of her clients and to guide them successfully through the legal process.

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